So then you are no longer

strangers and sojourners,

but you are fellow citizens with the holy ones

and members of the household of God,

built upon the foundation

of the apostles and prophets, 

with Christ Jesus himself as the capstone.

Through him the whole structure is held together

and grows into a temple sacred in the Lord; 

in him you also are being built together

into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.

Ephesians 2:19-20


 October 7, 2015 - As many of you know, we had the groundbreaking ceremony this past Sunday after the 10:30 Mass. All of the approvals and county permits are in place and we are starting construction this week. The project is scheduled for completion in July, 2016. Morette Co., our general contractor, has their site supervisor, Kevin Wisdom, in place. The construction site on the south side of the church will be fenced in for safety and Kevin is laying out where the fence will be located.

The first activity starting late this week or early next will be the site preparation. This will consist of removing all trees and vegetation necessary for the buildings, parking lot, and retention pond construction. Then the ground will be prepared for the buildings and the retention pond east of the new buildings will be dug.

During this activity the south entrance to the church will be closed, along with a large portion of the south parking lot. This will remain closed for most of the building project. As soon as some trees along the front of the church to the north parking lot can be cleared, we will build a wide sidewalk from the front doors of the church directly to the north parking lot and designate handicapped parking spaces where the sidewalk meets the parking lot.

We have made arrangements with the Post Office on Miramar Drive to allow parking during Mass beginning in a few weeks. We are also working to get all approvals and county permits in place to build a gravel parking lot on property west of Miramar Drive and just north of the Gulf Power electrical substation. If all goes as planned, this additional parking should be available by early next year.

We appreciate your patience during this period of limited parking and access to the church. We and Morette will be doing everything we can to minimize this problem.

As the project progresses, we will periodically send out more information to keep you informed on how it is going.

If you have any questions on any of it,                                               please send them to Mary Pat Cedarleaf in the Parish Office.


    If you would like to see the progression over the past year, check out the website bulletins page.